The following documents list all offerings that count as "History" courses for a given semester, including those from other departments that have been approved for cross-listing.

For a listing of fall 2017 courses, please check the Directory of Classes, which is being updated on a weekly basis (generally on Mondays). For undergraduate seminars, including those which require a departmental application, please visit this link.

The listing of fall 2017 cross-listed classes from EALAC, Women's Studies, CSER, and other departments is below, and will be updated as those departments update their listings.

Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race

  • CSER UN3928: Colonization/Decolonization (Natasha Lightfoot)
  • CSER UN4701: Troubling the Color Line (Karl Jacoby)

East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALAC)

  • ASCE UN1361: Introduction to East Asian Civilization - Japan (Prof. David Lurie)*
  • ASCE UN1365: Introduction to East Asian Civilization - Tibet (Prof. Gray Tuttle)*
  • HSEA GU4027: Issues in Early Chinese Civilization (Feng Li)
  • HSEA GU4844: Global Hong Kong (Peter Hamilton)
  • HSEA GU4880: History of Modern China I (Madeleine Zelin)
  • HSEA GU4893: The Family in Chinese History (Robert Hymes)
  • HSEA GR6860: Bronzes/Bronze Inscr-Anc China (Feng Li)
  • HSEA GR8839: Colloquium in Modern Japanese History (Paul Kreitman)
  • HSEA GR8862: Colloquium on Modern Korean History (Charles Armstrong)
  • HSEA GR8883: TPC-Middle Period-Chinese History (Robert Hymes)

*Only "Introduction to East Asian Civilization" courses taught by History affiliates count for the major or concentration. Please contact the Undergraduate Administrator if you are unsure if a section counts.

Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies (MESAAS)

  • HSME UN2915: Africa Before Colonialism (Mamadou Diouf)

Women's and Gender Studies

  • TBA


Courses in the Department of History are numbered by type:

  • UN 1xxx - Introductory Survey Lectures (undergraduate students only)
  • UN 2xxx - Lectures (undergraduate students only)
  • UN 3xxx - Seminars (undergraduate students only)
  • GU 4xxx - Seminars open jointly to undergraduate and graduate students
  • GR 5xxx - Courses open to MAO students only
  • GR 6xxx - Survey/Core/Introductory Courses (graduate students only)
  • GR 8xxx - Graduate Colloquia and Seminars (graduate students only)
  • GR 9xxx - Graduate Independent Study Courses (graduate students only)

and field (with some exceptions):

  • x000 - x059 Ancient History (ANC)
  • x060 - x099 Medieval Europe (MED)
  • x100 - x199 Early Modern Europe (EME)
  • x200 - x299 Russia and East Central Europe (MEU)
  • x300 - x399 Modern Western Europe (MEU)
  • x400 - x599 United States (US)
  • x600 - x659 Jewish History (JWS)
  • x660 - x699 Latin America (LA)
  • x700 - x759 Middle East (ME)
  • x760 - x799 Africa (AFR)
  • x800 - x859 South Asia (SA)
  • x860 - x899 East Asia (EA)
  • x900 - x999 Research, Historiography, and Trans-National History (INTL)

* For more information on seminars, please visit the Seminar page or contact the Undergraduate Administrator

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If you have questions about specific courses or see incorrect information in any of the listings, please email the Undergraduate Administrator in the department. New courses will be added as they are approved.