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Books Received

Reviews Editor: Thai Jones ( Columbia University

Updated April 2015

United States and Canada | United Kingdom | Western Europe | Russia and Eastern Europe | Latin America | Asia | Global/Transnational/Comparative |Theoretical


United States and Canada

Beatrice E. Avolio Alecchi and Mirjana Radovic-Markovic, Women and Entrepreneurship: Female Durability, Persistence and Intuition at Work, Gower Publishing, 2013. Received Fall 2013.

Gary Clayton Anderson and Kathleen P. Chaberlain, Power and Promise: the Changing American West. Pearson Longman, 2008.

Lauren Araiza, To March for Others: The Black Freedom Struggle and the United Farm Workers, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014.

Drucilla Barker and Susan F. Feiner, Liberating Economics: Feminist Perspectives on Families, Work, and Globalization, University of Michigan Press, 2004.

Frederick A. Barkey, Working Class Radicals: the Socialist Party in West Virginia, 1898-1920. West Virginia University Press, 2012.

Stephen F. Befort and John W. Budd, Invisible Hands, Invisible Objects: Bringing Workplace Law & Public Policy Into Focus. Stanford University Press, 2009.

Shannon Elizabeth Bell, Our Roots Run Deep as Ironweed: Appalachian Women and the Fight for Environmental Justice, University of Illinois Press 2013. Received Fall 2013.

Dan Berger, ed., The Hidden 1970s: Histories of Radicalism. Rutgers, the State University, 2010.

Josh Bivens, Failure by Design: the Story Behind America's Broken Economy. Cornell University, 2011.

Joseph R. Blasi, Richard B. Freeman, Douglas L. Kruse, The Citizen's Share: Putting Ownership Back into Democracy, Yale University Press (2013). Received Fall 2013.

Denise Brennan, Life Interrupted: Trafficking into Forced Labor in the United States, Duke University Press, 2014.

Evelyn Z. Brodkin and Gregory Marston, Work and the Welfare State, DJOF Publishing 2013. Received Fall 2013.

Walt Brown, A Fly on the Wall,  AuthorHouse Publishing. Received Fall 2013.

David Bullock, Coal Wars: Unions, Strikes, and Violence in Depression-Era Central Washington, Washington State University Press, 2014. Received March 2015.

Maria Cancian and Sheldon Danziger, eds., Changing Poverty, Changing Policies. Russell Sage Foundation, 2009.

Anthony S. Chen , The Fifth Freedom: Jobs, Politics, and Civil Rights in the United States, 1941-1972. Princeton University Press, 2009.

Melinda Cooper and Catherine Waldby, Clinical Labor: Tissue Donors and Research Subjects in the Global Bioeconomy, Duke University Press, 2014. Received Winter 2014.

Leilah Danielson, American Ghandi: A.J. Muste and the History of Radicalism in the Twentieth Century, Pennsylvania University Press, Received Fall 2014.

Alan Derickson, Dangerously Sleepy: Overworked Americans and the Cult of Manly Wakefulness, University of Pennsylvania Press 2014.  Received Fall 2013.

Coleen Doody, Detroit’s Cold War: The Origins of Postwar Conservatism. University of Illinois Press, 2013.

Cherie Doyen, Junebug, Balboa Press, 2013.  Received Fall 2013.

Mark Doussard, Degraded Work: The Struggle at the Bottom of the Labor Market. University of Minnesota, 2013.

Steve Early, Save Our Unions: Dispatches from a Movement in Distress, Monthly Review Press (2013). Received Winter 2014.

John P. Enyeart, The Quest for “Just and Pure Law”: Rocky Mountain Workers and American Social Democracy 1870-1924. Stanford University Press, 2009.

Elizabeth F. Fideler, Men Still at Work: Professionals Over 60 and on the Job, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2014.

Leon Fink, The Long Gilded Age: American Capitalism and the Lessons of a New World Order, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015.

Lacy K. Ford, Deliver us From Evil: The Slavery Question in the Old South. Oxford University Press, 2009.

Eric Fure-Slocum, Contesting the Postwar City: Working-Class and Growth Politics in 1940s Milwaukee. 2013.

Seth Garfield, In Search of the Amazon: Brazil, The United States and The Nature of a Region, Duke University Press 2013. Received Fall 2013.

Shannon Gleeson, Conflicting Commitments: The Politics of Enforcing Immigrant Worker Rights in San Jose and Houston Cornell University Press, 2012.

David Goldberg and Trevor Griffey, eds., Black Power at Work: Community Control, Affirmative Action and the Construction Industry. Cornell University, 2010.

Alyosha Goldstein, Poverty in Common: the Politics of Community Action During the American Century. Duke University Press, 2011.

Jeniffer F. Hamer, Abandoned in the Heartland: Work, Family, and Living in East St. Louis. University of California, 2011.

Janson Heyes and Ludek Rychly-Edward, Labour Administration in Uncertain Times: Policy, Practice, and Institutions,  Elgar Publishing 2013.  Received Winter 2014.

Keith Hoeller, Equality for Contingent Faculty, Vanderbilt University Press, 2014. Received January 2014.

Harry J. Holzer, Where Are All the Good Jobs Going?: What National and Local Job Quality and Dynamics Mean for U.S. Workers. Russell Sage Foundation, 2011.

Gerald Horne, Black Revolutionary: William Patterson and the Globalization of the African American Freedom Struggle, University of Illinois Press, 2013, Received Fall, 2013.

Gerald Horne, Race to Revolution: The United States and Cuba During Slavery and Jim Crow,  Monthly Review Press, 2014.

Wayne L. Horvitz, What’s the Beef? Sixty Years of Hard-Won Lessons for Today’s Leaders in Labor, Management and Government. Hamilton Books, 2009.

Matthew T. Huber, LifeBlood: Oil, Freedom, and the Forces of Capital. University of Minnesota Press. 2013.

David Huyssen, Progressive Inequality: Rich and Poor in New York,  Harvard University Press, 2014.

Peter Irons, Jim Crow's Children: The Broken Promise of the Brown Decision. Penguin Books, 2004.

Barbara Jensen, Reading Classes: On Culture and Classism in America by Barbara Jensen. Cornell University Press, 2012.

Arne L. Kalleberg, Good Jobs, Bad Jobs: the Rise of Polarized and Precarious Employment Systems in the United States, 1970s to 2000s. Russell Sage Foundation, 2011.

Thomas A. Kochan, Adrienne E. Eaton, Robert B. McKersie and Paul S. Adler, Healing Together: The Labour-Management Partnership at Kaiser Permanente Cornell University Press, 2009.

Paul Le Blanc and Michael D. Yates, A Freedom Budget For All Americans: Recapturing the Promise of the Civil Rights Movement in the Struggle for Economic Justice Today, Monthly Review Press, 2013.

Nelson Lichtenstein and Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, eds., The Right and Labor in America: Politics, Ideology, and Imagination. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012.

James J. Lorence, The Unemployed People’s Movement: Leftists, Liberals, and Labor in Georgia, 1929-1941. University of Georgia Press, 2009.

Joseph A. McCartin, Collision Course: Ronald Reagan, the Air Traffic Controllers, and the Strike that Changed America. Oxford University Press, 2011.

Erik S. McDuffie, Sojourning for Freedom: Black Women, American Communism, and the Making of Black Left Feminism. Duke University Press 2011.

Elizabeth McKillen, Making the World Safe for Workers: Labor, the Left, and Wilsonian Internationalism, University of Illinois Press (2013).

Liesl Miller Orenic, On the Ground: Labor Struggle in the American Airline Industry. University of Illinois Press, Urbana and Chicago, 2009.

Quincy T. Mills, Cutting Along the Color Line: Black Barbers and Barber Shops in America, University of Pennsylvania Press 2013. Received Fall 2013.

William A. Mirola, Redeeming Time: Protestantism and Chicago’s Eight-Hour Movement, 1866-1912, University of Illinois Press, 2015. Received March 2015.

Lawrence Mishel, Josh Bivens, Elise Gould and Heidi Shierholz, The State of Working America, 12th edition. Cornell University Press, 2012.

William A. Morola, Redeeming Time: Protestantism and Chicago's Eight-Hour Movement, 1866-1912, University of Illinois Press, 2015.

Kim Murphy, I Had Rather Die: Rape in the Civil War, Coachlight Press, 2014. Received Fall 2013

Katherine S. Newman and Rourke L. O'Brien, Taxing the Poor: Doing Damage to the Truly Disadvantaged. University of California Press, 2011.

Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Presidential Leadership and the Creation of the American Era, Princeton University Press, 2013.

Robert Perrucci and Carolyn C. Perruci, America at Risk: The Crisis of Hope, Trust, and Caring. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2009.

Huey Perry, “They'll Cut Off Your Project”: A Mingo County Chronicle. West Virginia University Press, 2011.

Lisa Phillips, A Renegade Union: Interracial Organizing and Labor Radicalism. University of Illinois Press, 2013.

Bruce Piasecki, The New Way to Winning: Doing More with Teams, Wiley, 2013.

Michael Pierce, Striking with the Ballot: Ohio Labor and the Populist Party. Northern Illinois University Press, 2010.

Robert D. Plotnick, ed., Old Assumptions, New Realities: Economic Security for Working Families in the 21st Century. Russell Sage Foundation 2010.

Eswar S. Prasad, The Dollar Trap: How the US Dollar Tightened Its Grip on Global Finance, Princeton University Press, 2014.

Ellen Reese, They Say Cut Back, We Say Fight Back!: Welfare Activism in an Era of Retrenchment. Russell Sage Foundation, 2011.

Chris Rhomberg, The Broken Table: The Detroit Newspaper Strike and the State of American Labor. Russell Sage Foundation, 2012.

Michael James Roberts, Tell Tchaikovsky the News: Rock and Roll, the Labor Question, and the Musicians' Union, 1942-1968, Duke University Press, 2014.

Pierre Rosanvallon, The Society of Equals, Harvard University Press 2013. Received Fall 2013.

Gerald M. Sider, Skin for Skin: Death and Life for Inuit and Innu, Duke University Press, 2014.

Daniel Sidorick, Condensed Capitalism: Campbell Soup and the Pursuit of Cheap Production in the Twentieth Century. Cornell University, 2009.

John D. Skrentny,After Civil Rights : Racial Realism in the New American Workplace, Princeton University Press, 2014. Received Fall 2013.

Sarah A. Soule, Contention and Corporate Social Responsibility. Cambridge University Press, 2009.

Keven Stainback and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, Documenting Desegregation: Racial and Gender Segregation in Private-Sector Employment Since the Civil Rights Act. Russell Sage Foundation, 2012.

Richard Steier, Enough Blame to go Around, State University New York (SUNY) Press, 2014. 

Landon R. Y. Storrs , The Second Red Scare and the Unmaking of the New Deal Left. Princeton University Press, 2013.

Clarence Taylor, Reds at the Blackboard: Communism, Civil Rights, and the New York City Teachers Union. Columbia University Press, 2011

Lara Vapnek, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn - Modern American Revolutionary, Westview Press, 2015. Received March 2015.

Joseph J. Varga, Hell’s Kitchen and the Battle for Urban Space. Monthly Review Press, 2013.

Reg Whitaker, Gregory S. Kealey, and Andrew Parnaby, Secret Service: Political Policing in Canada from the Fenians to Fortress America. University of Toronto Press, 2012.

Lynn Williams, One Day Longer: a Memoir. University of Toronto Press, 2011.

Jay Youngdahl, Working on the Railroad, Walking in Beauty: Navajos, Hozho, and Track Work. Utah State University Press, 2011.

Juliane E, Zelizer, Governing America: The Revival of Political History, Princeton University Press, 2012.

David A. Zonderman, Uneasy Allies: Working for Labor Reform in Nineteenth-Century Boston. University of Massachusetts Press, 2011.


United Kingdom

Stephen Brooke, Sexual Politics: Sexuality, Family Planning, and the British Left from the 1880s to the Present Day. Oxford University Press, 2011.

Tim Carter, Merchant Seamen's Health, 1860-1960: Medicine, Technology, Shipowners, and the State in Britain, The Boydell Press, 2014.

Ben Jones, The Working Class in Mid Twentieth-Century England: Community, Identity and Social Memory. Manchester University Press, 2012.

Matthew Kadane, The Watchful Clothier: The Life of an Eighteenth-Century Protestant Capitalist. Yale University Press, 2013.

Tara Martin Lopez, The Winter of Discontent: Myth, Memory, and History, Liverpool University Press, 2014.

Kirsteen Paton, Gentrification: A Working-Class Perspective, Ashgate Publishing Company, 2014.

Don Watson, No Justice Without a Struggle: The National Unemployed Workers’ Movement in the North  East of England, Merlin Press, 2014



Western Europe
Martin Comack, Wild Socialism: Workers Councils in Revolutionary Berlin, 1918 – 1921. University Press of America, Inc., 2012.

Teresa de Noronha Vaz, Eveline van Leeuwen and Peter Nijkamp, Towns in a Rural World, Ashgate Publishing (2013).

Uta Gerhardt and Thomas Karlauf, eds., The Night of Broken Glass: Eyewitness Accounts of Kristallnacht, translated by Robert Simmons and Nick Somers. Polity Press, 2012.

Don Kalb and Gabor Halmai, eds., Headlines of Nation, Subtexts of Class: Working-Class Populism and the Return of the Repressed in Neoliberal Europe. Berhahm Books, 2011.

Astrid Kander, Paolo Malanima, and Paul Warde, Power to the People: Energy in Europe Over the Last Five Years, Princeton University Press, 2013.

Carsten Stoby Jensen, Industrial Relations in Denmark: From Conflict-Based Consensus to Consensus-Based Conflict. DJOF Publishing, Copenhagen, 2012.

Hans-Joachim Neumann and Henrik Eberle, Was Hitler Ill? A Final Diagnosis, translated. Polity Press, 2013.

Emmet O'Connor, A Labour History of Ireland 1824-2000. University College, Dublin Press 2011.

Xavier Vigna, Histoire des Ouvriers en France au XX siècle. Perrin, 2012.

J. Timo Weishaupt, From the Manpower Revolution to the Activation Paradigm: Explaining Institutional Continuity and Change in an Integrating Europe. Amsterdam University Press, 2011.


Russia and Europe
Kate Brown, Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters, Oxford University Press, 2013. Received Fall 2013.

Greg Castillo, Cold Water on the Home Front: The Soft Power of Midcentury Design, University Of Minnesota Press, 2010.  Received Fall 2013.

Fridrikh I. Firsov, Harvey Klehr, and John Earl Haynes, Secret Cables of the Comintern 1933-1943, Yale University Press, 2014.

Kristen Ghodsee, The Left Side of History: World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of Communism in Eastern Europe, Duke University Press, 2015. Received March 2015.

Marjorie L. Hilton, Selling to the Masses: Retailing in Russia, 1880-1930. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011.

David A. Kideckel, Getting By in Postsocialist Romania: Labor, The Body, and Working-Class Culture. Indiana University Press, 2008.

Kinga Pozniak, Nowa Huta: Generations of Change in a Model Socialist Town, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014.

Thomas F. Remington, Presidential Decrees in Russia: A Comparative Perspective, Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Donald J. Riley, Soviet Baby Boomers: An Oral History of Russia's Cold War Generation, Oxford University Press, Received Fall 2013.

Inna Shtakser-Palgrave, The Making of Jewish Revolutionaries in the Pale of Settlement, Macmillan, 2014. 

Landon R.Y. Storrs, The Second Red Scare and the Unmaking of the New Left Deal, Princeton University Press 2013




Latin America

George Ciccariello-Mahor, We Created Chavez, A People’s History of the Venezuelan Revolution. Duke University Press, 2013

Michelle L. Dion, Workers and Welfare: Comparative Institutional Change in Twentieth-Century Mexico. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2010.

Paulo Drinot, The Allure of Labor: Workers, Race, and the Making of the Peruvian State. Duke University Press, 2011.

Paulo Drinot and Alan Knight, The Great Depression in Latin America, Duke University Press 2014. Received Fall 2014.

Sujatha Fernandes, Who Can Stop the Drums?: Urban Social Movements in Chavez's Venezuela. Duke University Press, 2011.

Brodwyn Fischer, Bryan McCann, and Javier Auyero, Cities From Scratch: Poverty and Informality in Urban Latin America, Duke University Press 2014.

Matthew E. Carnes, Continuity Despite Change: The Politics of Labor Regulation in Latin America, Stanford University Press, 2014.

Ernesto Galarza, Man of Fire, Selected Writings. University of Illinois Press, 2013.

Paul Gillingham and Benjamin Smith, Dictablanda, Duke University Press, 2014.

Paul Gootenberg and Louis Reygadas, eds., Indelible Inequalities in Latin America: Insights from History, Politics, and Culture. Duke University Press, 2010.

Cymene Howe, Intimate Activism, Duke University Press 2013 Received 2013.

Matthew B. Karush, Oscar Chamosa, eds., The New Cultural History of Peronism: Power and Identity in Mid-Twentieth-Century Argentina. Duke University Press, 2010.

Jungle Laboratories, Mexican Peasants, National Projects, and the Making of the Pill

Gabriela Soto Laveaga. Duke University Press, 2009.

Carlota McAllister and Diane M. Nelson, War by Other Means, Duke University Press 2013 Received 2013.

Natalia Milanesio, Workers Go Shopping in Argentina: The Rise of Popular Consumer Culture. University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 2013.

Maria Clemencia Ramirez, Between the Guerrillas and the Statements: the Cocalero Movement, Citizenship, and Identity in the Colombian Amazon. Duke University Press, 2011.

Jeffrey W. Rubin and Vivienne Bennett, Enduring Reform: Progressive Activism and Private Sector Responses in Latin American Democracies, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015. Received March 2015.

James E. Sanders, The Vanguard of the Atlantic World: Creating Modernity, Nation, and Democracy in Nineteenth-Century Latin America, Duke University Press, 2014

David M.K. Sheinim, Consent of the Damned: Ordinary Argentinians in the Dirty War. University Press of Florida, 2013.

Elana Shever, Resources for Reform: Oil and Neoliberalism in Argentina, Stanford University Press 2012, Received Fall 2013.

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Lynn Stephen, We are the Face of Oaxaca: Testimony and Social Movements, Duke University Press 2013 Received 2013.

Eileen J. Suarez Findlay, We are Left Without a Father Here: Masculinity, Domesticity, and Migration in Postwar Puerto Rico, Duke University Press, 2014.

William J. Suarez-Potts, The Making of Law: The Supreme Court and Labor Legislation in Mexico, 1875 – 1931. Stanford University Press, 2013.

Heidi Tinsman, Buying into the Regime: Grapes and Consumption in Cold War Chile and the United States, Duke University Press, 2014. Received Winter 2014.

J.T. Way, The Mayan in the Mall: Globalization, Development and the Making of Modern Guatemala. Duke University Press, 2012.

Robert Weis, Bakers & Basques: A Social History of Bread in Mexico. University of New Mexico Press, 2012.

Steven White, Paul G. Lewis & Judy Batt, Developments in Central and East European Politics, Duke University Press (2013) Received Fall 2013.

Erica Cusi Wortham, Indigenous Median Mexico: Culture, Community, and the State, Duke University Press 2013, Received Fall 2013.


Andrew Gordon, Fabricating Consumers: the Sewing Machine in Modern Japan. University of California Press, 2012.

Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt, The Coal Nation: Histories, Ecologies, and Politics of Coal in India, Ashgate Publishing, 2014.

Wendy Matsumura, The Limits of Okinawa: Japanese Capitalism, Living Labor, and Theorizations of Community, Duke University Press, 2015. Received March 2015.

Mari Miura, Welfare through Work: Conservative Ideas, Partisan Dynamics and Social Protection in Japan. Cornell University Press, 2012.

Elizabeth J. Perry, Anyuan: Mining China's Revolutionary Tradition. University of California Press, 2012.

Jayeeta Sharma, Empire's Garden: Assam and the Making of India. Duke University Press, 2011.

Peter van der Veer, The Modern Spirit of Asia: The Spiritual and the Secular in China and India, Princeton University Press (2014) Received Fall 2013.



Global/ Transnational/Comparitive

Hakim Adi, Pan-Africanism and Communism. Africa World Press, 2013.

Martin Albrow and Hakan Seckinelgin, eds., Global Civil Society 2011: Globality and the Absence of Justice. Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

Anne Allison, Precarious Japan, Duke University Press, 2013.

Karen J. Alter, The New Terrain of International Law: Courts, Politics, Rights, Princeton University Press, 2014.

Rana P. Behal, One Hundred Years of Servitude-Political Economy of Tea Plantations in Colonial Assam, Tulika Books, 2014. Received March 2015.

Daniel A. Bell and Avner de-Shalit, The Spirit of Cities: Why the Identity of a City Matters in a Global Age, Princeton University Press (2013) Received Fall 2013.

Susanna Rankin Bohme, Toxic Injustice: A Transnational History of Exposure and Struggle, California University Press, 2015. Received March 2015.

James Cronin, George Ross, and James Shoch, eds.,What's Left of the Left: Democrats and Social Democrats in Challenging Times. Duke University Press, 2011.

Buhlungu/Tshoaedi, Cosatu’s Contested Legacy. HSRC Press, 2012 (received Summer 2013)

Toylin Falola and Bridget Teboh, The Power of Gender, The Gender of Power: Women’s Labor, Rights, and Responsibilities in Africa. Africa World Press, 2013.

Nilda Flores-Gonzales et al., Immigrant Women Workers in the Neoliberal Age. University of Illinois Press, 2013.

Nigel Goose and Katrina Honeyman, Childhood and Child Labour in Industrial England: Diversity and Agency, 1750-1914 by Ashgate Publishers (2013). Received Fall, 2013.

Alexandra Hennessy, The Europeanization of Workplace Pensions: Economic Interests, Social Protection, and Credible Signaling, Cambridge University Press, 2014.

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Cybele Locke, Workers in the Margins: Union Radical in Post War New Zealand, Bridget Williams Books, 2012.  Received Winter 2014.

A. Ricardo Lopez and Barbara Weinstein, eds., The Making of the Middle Class: Toward a Transnational History. Duke University Press, 2012.

Biju Mathew, Taxi!: Cabs and Capitalism in New York City. Cornell University Press, 2008.

John Mckiernan-Gonzalez, Fevered Measures: Public Health and Race at the Texas-Mexico Border, 1848-1942, Duke University Press, 2012.

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